"Julie is an amazing healer and intuitive reader. She is extremely gifted. I do not hesitate to recommend you consult her for any matters of the spirit, mind, soul or body. She gave me the most healing, transformative hour of my life during an Angel Card Reading. And I absolutely mean that and do not say it lightly.

She had also described a dream to me that was completely accurate. There is no way she could have known the details of my dream, other than she is connected to energies few people can tap into.

Julie changed the course of my life."


"Sometimes there is a person who crosses our path and they have a special message we need to pay attention to.  For me that person was Julie of Angel Echos.  I’ve met with Julie a few times and listened intently to the special messages of my angels.  These messages have altered my journey through big decisions, confirmed my intuition, and provided the loving encouragement I needed to pursue my dreams.  Positive and affirming messages that are spot on and can be applied immediately to whatever I am facing.  

I highly recommend Julie’s ability to communicate the guidance of your angels through her card reading practice. "


"I was an angel reading novice when I had my first experience with Julie. I was fortunate to be in such good hands. She presented a positive, accepting and comfortable environment, which made the reading experience a real pleasure. If you're interested in angel reading, you can't go wrong with Julie as your reader." 


"This was my first Angel card reading. It came at a time when I was making some major changes in my life and was feeling unsettled. Julie's warm and engaging style helped me tap into my own center of well-being. The reading reminded me that helpers are all around us even in our darker moments and brought me peace in a time of fear and uncertainty." 


"I had an Angel card reading with Julie Casson in May. 2017.  She has a special way of interacting with the cards - - your  Angel cards literally "jump" out of the deck and into her hands!! And she does the reading from them.

She is also an empathic person that adds a another dimension to the reading, adding depth and understanding.

I found my reading to be very supportive and accurate.  I "knew" some of the answers to my questions but it was amazing to get the confirmation from Julie and her Angel cards.  I was able to ask any questions I had during the reading and it was very interactive.  Many other questions I had were addressed and answered and the reading felt very intimate, safe and true.

If you have never had your cards read, Julie's reading is a perfect introduction."